About Us

Our story starts with health, and that extends beyond the human being to the planet too. Our company focus is using less fuel and reducing carbons. We extend the daily dollars spent on coffee beyond the cup by giving back to environmental charities and animal welfare. Kundalini Coffee company is a provider of coffee kiosk solutions for a health and green focused business, targeting breakthrough innovations and greenhouse emission reduction. We source coffee beans from women owned farms, and sacred regions, instead of traditional geographical attributes. Coffee visionaries, flavor fanatics. We source coffee from women owned farms, and Kundalini Coffee is Women owned too.

Coffee Bean roasting with less fuel, for a Carbon-free future. As a worldwide staple, coffee beans are grown and consumed in nearly every culture. Because of this, globally the ecological harm from the coffee industry is widely ignored or unchallenged. Kundalini Coffee is delivering the the new normal today. Certified carbon-free coffee, smokeless coffee bean roasting produced and consumed locally. We are an innovation-driven certified organic coffee company dedicated to producing coffee with the lowest carbon footprint possible. 


                                Our Core Values


1) We are passionate about what we do.
2) We practice integrity.
3) We are committed to excellence.





Our Story

Kundalini Coffee is a registered Australian Trade Mark. Kundalini Coffee ABN: 46841982013

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Kundalini Coffee Company

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