Carbon Free

A Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup

Carbon Free

Kundalini Coffee, Certified Carbon Free Coffee avoids the need to ship roast coffee beans vast distances across the country by offering smokeless coffee roasting solutions in the retails stores. This reduces the carbon footprint. We also reduce carbon emissions up to 79% with smokeless coffee bean roasting. Kundalini Coffee is committed to creating jobs by spending in Australia and purchasing our coffee beans from Australian businesses. We are committed to maintaining our carbon free-market position in Coffee. Every element of the business, including our carbon neutral Australian based and owned web hosting, is a conscious choice for the planet and the health of its people. We’re committed to delivering better environmental outcomes. That’s why we introduced carbon Free Coffee. By purchasing carbon credits and using electric delivery trucks, we extend our 79% greenhouse emission roasting reduction beyond roasting and across the whole supply chain. What is ‘carbon neutral’? Carbon neutral means:
reducing emissions from our operations where possible compensating for the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offset projects. The process of delivering coffee emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is shown to have a negative impact on our environment. So we use electric solar delivery vehicles. Traditional Drum Roasting Coffee roasters emission is shown to be harmful to the environment, so we eliminated the need for afterburners all together reducing the fuel used to roast coffee. With no afterburner, we use approx 5 times less fuel compared to roasting processes that use drum roasting.

The Result – Certifed Carbon Free Coffee. What’s in your Cup?

Kundalini Coffee is a registered Australian Trade Mark. Kundalini Coffee ABN: 46841982013

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