As a worldwide staple, coffee beans are grown and consumed in nearly every culture. Because of this globally, the ecological harm from the coffee industry is widely ignored or unchallenged. Kundalini Coffee is the new normal, with carbon-free coffee that is produced and consumed locally. We are an innovation-driven certified organic coffee bean roasting company dedicated to producing coffee with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Coffee Beans Produced by a Blue Ocean Company

The current coffee market in Australia seems wasteful, yielding a massive negative impact on the environment. We at Kundalini Coffee aim to disrupt this harmful market by providing a coffee bean roasting solutions that reduces carbon footprint. We provide an in store coffee bean roasting solution to retailers. This eliminates the need for delivery of roast coffee beans and the use of gas in the coffee roasting process. There is no need to ship coffee kilometers over vast distance, adding to the carbon footprint. The coffee is no longer aged by the time it gets to end user, if it is roasted in store. For retailers who prefer “old fashion” delivery of roast coffee beans, Kundalini Coffee uses “new style” electric vehicles to deliver their fresh coffee. We only roast coffee beans on advanced sophisticated roasting technology. There is no need use of afterburner as part of the coffee bean roasting process, unlike drum roasting. Drum roasting is the largest most used method of roasting coffee in Australia. Our coffee bean roasting process with no after burning consumes up to 5 times less fuel. The result is up to 79% greenhouse emission reduction.

We are making waves in the coffee industry as a blue ocean roaster, considered in the coffee roasting industry but non-participating in its ways. Kundalini coffee is the new green focused trend in the coffee industry, creating the curb for others to follow. The new Normal in Coffee Bean Roasting, delivery, and consumption practices, 2020 and beyond.

Locally Produced Organic Coffee Beans

As an environmentally conscious company, our practice begins with the farm. We only source from rain forest friendly organic coffee farms part of fair for life trade. Kundalini Coffee supports local industry, by only using local coffee bean importers. To keep our coffee purchased in Australia from bean to mug Kundalini Coffee runs an entirely made in Australia business model.

Being a locally run company, we support the Australian job market by providing jobs and opportunities for locals in the coffee industry, either directly or indirectly through collaboration efforts. We are 100% local, from green coffee bean purchase through to mug. And we take the coffee beyond the mug, to impact the world.

Donations from Coffee Bean Sales

We are dedicated to supporting the local environment and the planet. To do so, we donate 9% of all coffee bean sales to local charities, and 1% to one percent for the planet org. Transparency is at the heart of our modern organization. Keeping this in mind, we use a percentage of sales instead of profits to make our donations because we want you to know exactly how much of what is spent on purchasing our coffee beans goes to charity.

Kundalini energy flows through all of us. Feel those vibrations and know that with every sip, the animals and the Earth are benefiting. So, the next time you purchase coffee beans, answer the question; “What’s in your cup?”

Your purchase of Kundalini Coffee extends beyond the cup. It makes a real difference to society, the environment, and the local ecosystem. We donate to charities to support Koala and Wombat sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers. Our vision is to help not only humankind, with coffee but support nature and the Earth too.