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Roasting For Incredable Coffee

It starts with less smoke in the coffee bean roasting. Coffee Bean roasting innovation that uses up to 5 times less gas and fuel in the roasting process. Kundalini Coffee Company threw the conventional drum roasting coffee methods of yesterday, out the window. Traditional drum roasting coffee beans, is very fuel intense. Large afterburners are used to burn off volatile organic chemicals, after the coffee beans are roasted. Kundalini Coffee Company uses more advanced technology to roasts coffee beans in hot air cyclone. The result, up to 79% reduction in greenhouse carbon emissions. Because we have eliminated after burning from coffee roasting too, our sophisticated roasting process consumes up to 5 times less fuel, compared with traditional drum roasting. Less smoke on the planet, and in the coffee beans makes for a healthy coffee, and a healthy planet. We love incredible coffee, without the smoke. Time to start tasting the coffee, no more smoke.  Certified Carbon Free Coffee. Women owned Kundalini Coffee, Australia.


Kundalini Coffee is a one stop shop, equipment and coffee program. As coffee experts provides the recipes formula together with training videos and 24/7 support for equipment. A full plug and play in store kiosk solution, deliver a professional coffee tea and juice in Big Box, and retail. Kundalini Coffee offers the choice of a standalone, or three feet in line Deli solution. Our licensing model allows for the retailers to enter the daily coffee drinkers market and sell their own in-store coffee tea and baked goods. From croissants, to Bagels, grab and go sandwiches, granola, or yogurt parfait.

The New Normal

Our vision is simple. Health and wellness on all levels. For the planet, to reduce carbon emission roasting coffee beans that embrace advanced smokeless   coffee bean roasting methods. We give back to causes at the heart of planetwide desire converting your daily coffee dollars into something bigger than coffee industry and self.  Health, Innovation, less gas in coffee roasting means less smoke and gas in the coffee too. Lighter coffee roasting for less carcinogenic coffee. It’s an invisible desire and essence that guides the consciousness of our women-owned company. We bring our retail clients a unique value proposition by leveraging common values that unite us. The effective integration and synergy uniting our Kundalini Energy, as one.


One stop shop. Kundalini Coffee supplies the equipment, coffee and program. Kundalini Coffee company provides full in retail store kiosks, as pictured above. Empowering retailers to serving Tea Coffee, Juice, and in store baked goods.  Green-focused business on a mission to eradicate carbon with breakthrough innovations in coffee bean roasting. Kundalini Coffee source coffee beans from women-owned farms, and scared regions, instead of for their geographical attributes We are women-owned too and exist with a vision to give a cause, beyond the cup, and coffee. We give back 10% to saving the animals, creating animal sanctuaries, and environmental charities.
Kundalini Coffee offers in-store retail Espresso, Tea, Juice, and Coffee bars. Kundalini Coffee offers a fully integrated service, from start to finish. We conceptualize, design, prototype validate, and roll out products.

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 Our Program 

Future Now | The New Normal

Traditional in 2020 is defined as irrelevant.  Women owned, Kundalini Coffee has re-imagined the new normal. We have an innovative vision of what the future looks like.  Today, we are brining that future to market.  The future is now.  A new trajectory to eliminate smoke and carbon, coffee bean roasting innovation smokeless roasting.  No more after burning, we consume up to 5 time less fuel company with coffee industry traditional drum roasting methods. Kundalini Coffee, gives back. We extend the value of your coffee dollars beyond the cup by contributing 10% of coffee bean sales to causes bigger than ourselves and the coffee industry.

Contributing to a cause beyond the cup. 

Charities include animal rehabilitation and welfare, environmental, and women in coffee.  Vertical integration of women owned delivers more diversity, we procure coffee beans from women owned coffee farms. The future of coffee industry, is also the realization there is no more need to drive roast coffee beans for vast distances all over the country to deliver roast coffee to retail. No putting roast coffee into a converted supply chain.  Kundalini Coffee has an in store retail smokeless coffee bean roasting solution. Coffee roasted, where the espresso is served.

The new normal in Coffee is here — Certified Carbon Free Coffee from the disruptive, women owned company, Kundalini Coffee.

The Australian Experience

Sacredness and consciousness, are interconnected.  There is a lot to be said for the unseen. We all feel it, every day. Gravity is invisible too. We believe in gravity and its effects. Other dimensions, beyond what the eyes can see and mind we perceive to exist. Love is one we also feel, its magnetizing effect. We have a North and South pole on the planet, our air and atmosphere is magnetic. Surgeons and doctors all know the heart is an electromagnetic organ, it puts out a magnetic filed all around the human body. This would seem to indicate through the heart, we are all connected to the air and atmosphere itself life force itself seems magnetic.  Our inner energy is also known to the ancestors, and referred to as Kundalini energy. Kundalini, is even known in India as a form of divine feminine energy believed to be located at the base of the spine. The Earth has its own Kundalini energy and so do you.

Kundalini Coffee Australia pays respect in honor of the unseen magnificence we all are, and the interconectedness. Kundalini Coffee honers the Ancestors, and humanity. We value culture, the planet, and environment. By donating 10% of all coffee bean sales to various charities, your daily cuppa’ coffee dollars extend beyond the cup, to supporting the planet and the future, in honer of the plants animal rehabilitation and wild life. Raise your daily cup, and consciousness to a higher cause in honor of all that is — Certified Carbon Free Coffee.

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Coffee Beans from Women owed farms.

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